Friday, February 27, 2009


So.....I don't have time when I go home to keep up the blog, but today is slow at work and thus there is time for an update.

First: I hope you are all doing well. I am.....well....let's up it this way---surviving (almost).

Life here at the Y is crazy. I'm super busy with most of every hour of my day planned an filled with things to do. Saturday is really my day. I don't have to turn anything in or be obligated to be anywhere. More often than not, I while it away thinking of all the things I should be doing and am not. But it's still nice to have the option to do that. Sunday's are busy busy busy! I am the first counselor in my relief society and my president is gone often for rugby games. Our meetings begin earlier than I'd ever like to be awake and end later than I would like. But it's fun to be involved and have things to occupy my mind. Cool thing going on now is that Elder Ballard is going to be at my Stake Conference next week! AND I'm in the Stake Choir! I get to see the back of his head for 4 hours!!! Saturday session and Sunday Session! I'm soooo stoked! It's going to be saaweeet!

Hmm...dare I bring up the subject?............................................................Yes. Boys. Well there are quite a few boys here at the Y. Some of them are not too shabby on the eyes...ahem...not that I check them out or anything like that...heh heh. I've been out on a few dates. Some fun. Some not so fun. And some that I'd really rather not remember. My ward is super fun. The boys there are all jokesters and we all have a good time together. Another interesting note is that I've been told that I'm intimidating....all I hear is dating right? No just kidding, but I am serious about the intimidating part. I thought that was interesting. I'm not too worried about it. Carla told me about how the boys in the branch in CO lovingly called us The Professional and the Apprentice. Ha ha ha! Whew, I had a good laugh at that one. You'll have to call her to get the whole story. Super funny though. Anywho, not too much else going on in that department. A date here, a date there-always have a good time when you have a smile on.

School is crazy busy and I find myself wondering what I really want to do with my life. Art History sounded so great before. Now, I think I've hit the mid-college-life crisis. The other thing is, is that I wouldn't know what else to do. I was contemplating Advertising for about a day. Accounting for about 5 minutes. And Under Water Basket weaving for about--well that one still sounds pretty good. I'm going to stay in Provo for both Spring and Summer. I'll take classes during Spring and just work during Summer. No worries, I'll be home for the big adventure in July! WOOT! I'm taking this semester a research writing class for art history (kicking my butt), French 321 (kicking my butt), writings of Isaiah (I like this one), a intro to all kinds of art class (this one is cool, but takes up a ton of time), and two dance classes. One of my dance classes is just the intro to social dance and the other is the intro do standard ballroom. I'm learning the foxtrot, waltz, cha-cha, quick step, triple swing, and I'll learn a few others too. I have some videos if you want to check them out. Don't laugh...k so you can laugh, but don't tell me that you think I look like a pigeon-toed rhino or something crazy like that (wink, wink). Just in case you wanted to check them out they are here. K so I guess there's only the one now, which is a bummer since my waltz one was better. I'm the 6th couple. Just wait for it to load and you can watch it as many times as you care to. I wasn't tested on it so don't worry that I stop and start over a lot, or that my teacher is making comments on form and foot work and so on.

Well other than that, I'm pretty much okay. Just have to remember to schedule time to eat, sleep, have fun, and do some exercise. Work is good. I work at the personal counseling center as a receptionist. The people I work with are super nice and understanding. I'm so grateful to be working. It's a bit of a stress just with classes and a 20 hour work week, but I'm still very grateful for it.

Hope this satisfies for a bit longer. Sorry, I'm something of an update hermit. I'll get better at it.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm A Mix

Thanks Honey, that was fun!

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