Wednesday, July 1, 2009


So I am part of the epidemic. I got the dreaded swine flu. I went to the doctor last week right in the throws of it and they said there wasn't anything to do for it except sleep and drink lots of fluids. I got sick on Tuesday and have been coughing until now, still a residual one. But thankfully, the fever subsided. Even more thankfully, I had two friends brave enough and willing to take me to the Health Center in hopes of a remedy. I didn't know it was the swine flu, and well the doc never really said it either...really. She said that I had the flu and it was most probably the swine flu. But most probably isn't definitely. In any case...Greg and Jesus took me to the Health Center, then took my books back to the library (which was AWESOME since I had about 20 and they were huge), and they also took the note from the doctor to my work. Oh man, they came at just the right time. I'm so grateful to them. Pretty awesome dudes. Anywho, I'm pretty much better now. Just a slight cough still and still pretty tired, but other than that healthy.

Jesus (left) and Greg (right) waiting for me and the weighty diagnosis.

My lovely and quite fashionable mask to further delineate the embarrassing truth.

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