Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Whoever decided Mosquitos were a good idea....

Official count from the last 24 hours: 38 bites!!!!!!!!!!! all red, all burning, all itching, none dying away

Really it's a total bummer. Thankfully there are none on my face or legs. Unfortunately, all are on my arms and feet----very inconvenient to wear shoes that rub on them and also to wear shirts, no matter which one, because they all rub on them too. Oh well, such is the price to pay for basking in the all too quickly fading summer nights. I swear these mosquitoes are getting better at what they do because I didn't feel a thing until it was too late. So basically all the skin that I was showing in the last 24 hours is covered in the vicious reminders of pesky mosquitoes who are determined to survive on the distracted meal tickets.

So since there are so many mosquitoes, why aren't there more dragonflies? Wouldn't it be lovely if there were just a plethora of these beautiful predators for the mosquitoes? I think so. Besides that they really are pretty. Interesting to note is that dragonflies and mosquitoes seem to look similar.....Anywho, I'll just sit here with my itching and pray that all the scratching, slapping, and nail biting will in some way alleviate the constant reminder that I am single-handedly supporting the mosquito population here in Provo.


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