Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Well as some of you may have noticed, the title of the blog has changed.  It was once Katherine's Blog and now it is Greg & Katherine's Blog. That's because (drum roll please)

WE'RE ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hahaha! Yep it's true, we are officially engaged and have been since Friday, November 20, 2009! Yeehaw we're excited.  I'm glad and happy and more than ecstatic to introduce you all to Greg.

Ta da! Here he is! Pleased to introduce you to Greg.  We are so excited and will be updating our blog (hee hee so fun) soon.  We'll also probably start a wedding webpage or something of the sort to keep you all updated on the countdown to the big day and so on and such and such! Hooray!

1 comment:

Sweetest Of All said...

I told my baby girl that you were engaged and she, the endless romantic said, "why?" I guess Greg will have to win her over. It might only take a second and a smile though!